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WhatsApp is an popular messaging service. It is a free instant messaging app available on both Android and iPhone. It allows you to send text messages to other users or in the groups. WhatsApp chats go over the internet. The contrasts with standard SMS texting which goes through your phone provider.

What is WhatsApp

In the US WhatsApp might be a little known messaging app, but in many parts of the world it is an essential part of everyday life. The Facebook owned app is easily one of the most popular messaging service in the world. It was one of the first mobile apps to offer free internet based messaging instead of sending in text using cellular data networks where fees may apply. The App primarily relies on a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages and calls for free. It is preferred by over 2 billion users of its ability to streamline communications no matter what their device and location. It also offers more features and customization than traditional SMS messaging. All these features are for free. This is an popular messaging service. It is a free instant messaging app available on both Android and iPhone. It allows you to send text messages to other users or in the groups.

The History of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Inc. was founded by Jan Kaum and Brian Acton in the year 2009. slsoon after the app made became available for download the first version of the WhatsApp Messenger, which has become easy and affordable analogue SMS. In the starting stage of development with room and action avoided outside investor fearing that they may require a monetization of the project through the sale of advertising. WhatsApp Inc took $8 million from venture capital Funnd Sequoia Capital in the year 2011, but with a condition- no advertising in the app. When the Messenger has already gathered and impressive audience Sequoia Capital allocated another $50 million in in the year 2013. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in February 2014. The founders of WhatsApp announced the reach 1,000,000,000 users in February 2016.

Founder of WhatsApp

Jan Koum is the father of WhatsApp. He came up with the name of the company in tune with ‘Whats Up?’ and registered it. The app has not always been the Messenger. Initially the application is an address book with a status display. The projects is promising but in reality things went from bad to worse. At some point Koum begin to think that how to drop everything and start looking for work and as a reporter to her partner. Brian Acton said to Jan Koum, ” You are an idiot if you give up now, give the project a couple of months”.

That time Acton was absolutely right about the project. After sometime Apple introduced push notification system. The Godfather immediately added this feature to the app. Now when the user changes status in WhatsApp the contacts immediately received a notification. The audience quickly WhatsApp cross the mark of 250,000 people.

What makes the WhatsApp Unique

Kaum and Acton have become partner was not a coincidence. These two people were United by one feature that absolute rejection of tricks, dirty tricks and other nonsense. A comprehensive descriptions of their ideologies easily fit on a notebook sheet which Acton somehow attached to the table his partner and friend:  no ads, no games, no gimmicks. Giving the serious competition in the market such a decision seemed to presumptuous but the founder of WhatsApp continue to bend the line.

WhatsApp Growth

No advertising budget as such does not interfere with WhatsApp to be the center of attention in the popular media. The company just discussing because it’s interesting. The deal with Facebook was forced to talk about the application almost all the media in that time. According to the father of this app excessive hype only gets people to focus on the product and convinced that the really valuable product does not need additional advertising. In addition to that make him happy visitors who share an experience with their friends.

How to  Start Using WhatsApp

It’s very easy to use WhatsApp and start messaging your friends and family. For using WhatsApp you have to download the app for Android or iPhone. Open the app and agree to the terms and condition, then you will need to work to the simple sign up process. After entering your phone number you will get a text with a confirmation code on your phone number. Enter that into WhatsApp and your almost the user of WhatsApp.

After this enter your number and set a profile photo. You will be asked to let WhatsApp access your contact which you should do for best results. Otherwise you cannot search for peoples name in this app to start conversation. Now choose whether to allow access to your photos and you are ready.

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