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Good examples of health related Easy Read documents


A Picture of Health

A Picture of Health – making health information better. Specialist NHS networks have collected these examples to share with you, for you to adapt or use.

What the website is useful for:

A range of Easy Read information developed either locally, nationally or from other NHS areas.

Easy Health

Easyhealth is run by an organisation called Generate Opportunities Ltd It is part sponsored by MENCAP and part sponsored by Wandsworth PCT. Easyhealth was made so that people know where to find ‘accessible’ health information . There are over 500 leaflets on Easyhealth, made by many different organisations.

What the website is useful for:

Accessible website where you can:
• Watch health videos
• Get advice about food and exercise
• Download / print off easy read leaflets for a wide range of health issues
• Be signposted to affordable resources
• Get ideas for health passports etc

Easy on the i

'easy on the i' is the information design service within the Learning Disability Service at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

What the website is useful for:

Register for free and download photos and symbols.


National Organisations


BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) – promote inclusion and respect for people with Learning Disabilties. They help develop the organisations who provide services and the people who give support. Aim to make sure people are supported with dignity and respect and can make choices and decisions about their lives.

What the website is useful for:

Access resources from a range of organisations in these subject areas: Abuse / Advocacy / Autism / Black and minority/Ethnic communities / Communication / Employment / Family Carers / Food and health / Good Support / Government / Hate Crime / Health / Human Rights / Housing / Learning disabilities / Managing Money / Mental Health / Mental Capacity Act / Offenders and the Criminal Justice System / Parenting / Personalisation / Positive Behaviour Support / Profound and multiple learning disabilities / Safeguarding / Sexuality and relationships / Young people and transition / Workforce


Mencap works with people with a learning disability to change laws, challenge prejudice and support them to live their lives as they choose.

What the website is useful for

Download free PDF version of Am I Making Myself Clear? document – advice on producing easier read information relevant to anyone with communication difficulties 


SeeAbility supports adults who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities including learning, physical and mental health disabilities, acquired brain injuries and degenerative conditions, to explore their potential.

What the website is useful for:

Access and download our free information and easy read factsheets about eye care and sight problems. Films to watch and information about our training and consultancy services.

Stroke Association

Stroke Association. We believe in life after stroke. That’s why we support stroke survivors to make the best recovery they can. It’s why we campaign for better stroke prevention and care. And it’s why we fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke

What the website is useful for:

Factsheet and video on communication problems after Stroke – download for free or purchase hard copy.


Local organisations and Total Communication Projects

Gloucestershire Total Communication

Gloucestershire Total Communication (GTC) project was set up was to ensure that all people with communication needs in Gloucestershire had a consistent and coherent approach to meeting their needs throughout their lives and in all environments. Aimed at younger people, relevant to all ages.

What the website is useful for:

8 minute You Tube film on ethos of TC.
Information on signing, symbols and objects of reference. Video clip examples of signing & signing resources available to purchase.

Oxfordshire Total Communication

Oxfordshire Total Communication is a network partnership organisation that has evolved out of a need for information and resources about communicating with people with a learning disability in Oxfordshire.

What the website is useful for:

Information about communication methods: photos, pictures and symbols; signing; 1:1 chat time; sensory room; Intensive Interaction; Objects; communication book; Sound and Smell; Music; story telling. Also, a shared resources page – free download.

South West Total Communication Network

The Network is for anyone who is interested in supporting people with learning disabilities with their communication.
We meet 3 times per year, in Yeovil and Newton Abbot. The format of the day is friendly and informal. The agenda is very flexible, we mix up ‘traditional’ presentations with discussions, sharing sessions and long coffee breaks!

What the website is useful for:

Information about events (training and meeting) happening locally in the South West.

Inclusive Communication Essex

ICE aims for Essex:
• The importance of good
communication is understood.
• Each individual's communication
needs are known, understood, recorded, and acted upon by everyone they have contact with.
• Communication training is available for staff, families, carers, friends and members of the community when needed.
• Information is routinely produced in a range of more accessible formats.
• Physical environments in public settings are understandable to those who use them

What the website is useful for:

Easy read website.
View signing and other videos.


Resources and training for communication aids and communication difficulties

The Rix Centre

The Rix Centre is a charitable research & development organisation dedicated to the exploration of new media for the benefit of the learning disability community. Multimedia can help people with learning disabilities to organise their thoughts, remember, learn and communicate more effectively. This can significantly improve their ability to live independent lives, contribute to the community and fulfill their personal aims and ambitions.

What the website is useful for:

Ideas for using cameras / video cameras / technology. E-learning and face to face courses in using Multi-media advocacy. Download the free Rix Centre Newsletter.

Clear Communication People

Clear Communication People aim is to make information and communication easier for people with learning disabilities and others who find visual communication helpful. We design picture communication books, Easy Read information and are developing visual aid templates together with our own image bank of simple line drawings.

What the website is useful for:

Purchase a range of services including easy read information on: • Health • Social care • Safeguarding • Employment.


AbilityNet exists to change lives of disabled people, to help them achieve everything they can at work, at home or in education. We have a number of high quality specialist services for businesses and others who can pay for our expertise. We also provide a range of free services for people who cannot afford to pay.

What the website is useful for:

Freephone advice and information service. Factsheets to download: Autism and computers; communication aids; dyslexia and computers; general guidelines on printed material; internet hazards; keyboard and mouse adaptations; top 10 accessible Apps; and many more!

Scope Victoria

SCOPE (Melbourne). Scope's mission is to enable each person we support to live as an empowered and equal citizen. The Scope Approach applies to how we choose to behave in our dealings with others, both inside and outside the organisation. It reinforces our principles of seeing the person, doing it together, doing it right and doing it better.

What the website is useful for:

Fantastic array of resources and ideas being used in Victoria, Australia – downloadable for free. Topics = Access and inclusion; Aids and equipment; Behaviours of Concern/Challenging Behaviour; Communication; Disability awareness and rights; Health and well being; Links; Research reports; Sensory participation; Transportation; Using Technology. Also, resources available to purchase.


CHANGE is a leading national human rights organisation, campaigning for equal rights for all people with learning disabilities. Accessible information on subjects including: parenting, sexuality, employment, health, housing and cancer.

What the website is useful for:

Free resources
Resources to buy


Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.

What the website is useful for:

Resources available to purchase; Signing and Symbol use; Blog; information about sign/ symbol use and downloadable research articles.

Hirstwood Training

Hirstwood Training - a small but enthusiastic training team, who love to share practical expertise in all things sensory. Great ideas for promoting interaction and communication for people who require alternative methods.

What the website is useful for:

Ideas and practical demonstrations of using iPads to promote communication.
Search rest of website for more sensory ideas and information on multi-sensory training courses.


Photosymbols is a picture library designed to help make easier information for people with learning disabilities.
The pictures are also popular with other groups who find written information difficult to understand.

What the website is useful for:

Purchase photosymbol packages.
Get ideas about how to produce easy read information.

Widgit Logo

Widgit Software

Widgit produce a range of symbol software and apps.

What the website is useful for:

Purchase software licences.
Find out more about the use of symbols to support communication and access to literacy.




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