Using iPads to support Communication

We are pleased to be able to offer support and advice on the use of iPads to support communication.

There are a huge number of Apps available which can support various aspects of communication. We have some of these apps on our iPad and you are welcome to book a free appointment with us to have a look at them. 

We will be offering workshops where you can come and find out more and share your own experiences, so keep an eye out on the training pages for more information.

A selection of apps that you may find useful:

Aphasia Software Finder

Aphasia software finder app


People are affected by aphasia in different ways and to different degrees. There are many apps available that aim to assist individuals with a range of difficulties at varying levels. The Aphasia Software Finder is a list of apps compiled by Tavistock Trust for Aphasia. Each app on the list has a short summary, price and link to where the app can be downloaded.

Book Creator

book creator

Book Creator is a simple, user friendly app to make resources on your iPad. Book Creator can be used to make easy read documents such as social stories and communication passports. You can add sounds and videos to your book. Tutorials and support for the app can be found at http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator. The lite app allows you to create one book for free. The full version allows you to make unlimited books for £3.99. Completed books can be viewed in iBooks, shared to other iPads and emailed.



What we think:

iMovie is a brilliant app made by Apple, for simple video editing. 

We've used it to make some of our training videos and have created our own guide to using it. Download our guide by clicking here.

If you want to put together photos and video clips to make a short video, this app is for you!



Info coming soon!

Sounding Board

Sounding Board App

Sounding Board By Ablenet is a free communication tool which lets the user use symbols and voice recordings to ask questions, express their feelings and communicate more effectively with others. The app is very similar to some other, more expensive applications. It comes with preset categories such as entertainment and money. The presets are aimed at an American audience but they are fully customisable. You can use your own photos, symbols and voice recordings to adapt the existing content and also create your own sound boards. This app is a great way to introduce an individual to high tech communication aids without buying an expensive app.



Palu is a great app for creating visual calendars.

It shows one month at a time, and for each day you can display a photo, drawing, and/or message of your choice.

Cost: Free